Healthy Skinny Girl

What is a healthy skinny girl diet

Suffering isn’t a necessary part of losing weight. Below is a list of healthy skinny girl habits and behaviors that you can integrate to your daily life style which are even encouraged by nutritionist. Within a matter of days you’ll be healthier and a few pounds that you have been keeping in storage will be lost.

healthy skinny girl habits

Check your Weight Daily Make a daily note of how much you weigh. Record it so you can see the development of your plan. If you see the scale increasing as you stand on it the next day, or if the numbers show that you’ve gotten fatter by the end of the month, you know you already have to cut down on those meals and start exercising.

Another healthy skinny girl Habit that will make you Fit is to eat intelligently although avoiding that big meal and starving yourself is one quick way to get thin, nutritionist says that it is better for you to actually satisfy that hunger rather than endure it and later go on an all-out food-fest. But be sure to choose what you eat. Protein meals like a stick of string cheese, some edemame or even some fruit with a spoonful of peanut butter are recommended.

healthy skinny girl habits

Avoid Distractions Studies have shown that watching TV while dining can cause you to eat up to 40% of your usual intake. Other activities like driving, playing video games, and other distracting activities that you may do while eating will also cause the same effects. So it would be best to avoid these activities while eating or do these activities without any food nearby.

Healthy Skinny Girl Workout

One of the best habit to get fit is to amass those muscles. Do muscle toning exercises like push-ups, sit ups, squats and the like in a 30 second interval for 5 minutes. Your metabolism will increase as having muscles turns your body into a calorie burning factory. With that you burn more calories per day instead of having no muscles at all.

Get busy when you find yourself drooling over some bacon wrapped delight. Get your brain to redirect its thoughts into something else. Try communicating with a friend or getting in to conversations which would take your mind of it. Research concludes that cravings will only last 5 minutes. Beyond that you won’t feel like sinking your teeth on those delights. So when that thought comes, grab a phone and call someone or try doing something that will take your mind of that craving. In fact, clear your home of any tempting calorie filled treats. Keep working on those healthy skinny girl habits as they are formed over time.


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